My Weird Little World! First Post!

This is the post excerpt.


This is my first post, i hope you guys like it. My blog is probably a bit different from others and that what i want it to be, a place where i set my mind free and write about how it is to be a “normal” 16 years old girl. From the most darkest place to a bit lighter place. Welcome to my wold, Welcome to My weird Little World.

Cruel place

Isn’t funny to see how people can get back to your life like it was nothing. Being a 16 years old, is actually pretty difficult. when i was younger i always dreamt about, how i want my school life to be and how happy i was to finally being a teenager.

But damn i was wrong, people are cruel and judgemental. Friends you believed was your friends but stabbed you in the back, and go on in life like it was nothing. I wish sometimes i could have supernatural power like reading someones mind, or make them disappear.

The world have became a cruel place, people are so damn selfish and care about themselves. I know there is wonderful people, and i want to believe in it but sometimes i guess it’s really hard.